Losers Unite With Glee

Glee Losers

Glee Losers

I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter, Iz, to see the great feel-good movie in theaters this week: Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. Shot during a performance of the Glee Live! In Concert!, Glee 3D features 23 songs from the hit Fox series along with backstage glimpses of the cast and periodic detours into the lives of fans who bear witness to the saving power of Glee. For their part of the movie, a cheerleading dwarf, a gay high schooler and a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome underline Glee’s be-yourself-and-be-proud empowerment ethos.

In Glee time it’s okay to be gay, or fat, or short, or disabled, or a member of any misunderstood minority. It’s even okay to be a loser. Audience and performers alike raise an L for loser to their foreheads and bare tee shirts that announce their darkest secret.

The movie was a fun time and now I am happy to lend my support to Glee as a monolithic cultural movement that celebrates diversity and respects all people regardless of race, religion or creed. Whatever it takes!

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