The Essentials-Part I

There are really only two steps to simplifying:
Identify what’s most important to you.
Eliminate everything else.

Leo Babauta

My Home Library

My Home Library

The Container is beckoning to me to begin. What will I select to fill it? How will I decide what I need and want? Will I feel deprived once I actually start living out of it?

This week I assigned general categories to each of its eight shelves. The top two will be important artifacts and memorabilia. The second shelf is for food and dishes on the left and books on the right. The third shelf will have my computer on the left and my needlework on the right. The bottom shelve is for my clothing.

Container Library Shelf

Container Library Shelf

If the books are any indication, I have a lot to learn from my selection process. I have a beautiful floor to ceiling library that I was easily able to condense into this. Half of the books in the container will be from the library and rotate in and out as they are read. The others are my Kabbalah texts that I reference often. Every other piece of written information will come from my computer.

2 Thoughts

  1. phyllis says:

    maybe I should live out of a container and then I could clear out the house

  2. louise says:

    It has helped me to see how many “extra” things I have cluttering up my life!
    First step is to find your new Container.

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