A Quilt of Generosity

A Quilt of Generosity

The miracle is this, the more we share, the more we have.
Leonard Nimoy

An act of generosity is a simple, compassionate right action with no expectation of reward or recognition. When done with an open heart, generosity is a transparent, transcendent opportunity to see beyond self to a clearer, deeper vision of letting go. Generosity is a discipline. The more we practice it, the more selfless we will become going from good, to great, and even to extraordinary.

It’s not easy to be generous. We tend to set boundaries as the prerequisite for healthy relationships but paradoxically these restrictions result in compartmentalization and separation that zap our energy, limit our awareness and lead to the slippery slope of more and greater boundaries of less and less munificence.

It was exciting to find The Notre Dame Science of Generosity Initiative that is bringing together diverse approaches to study generosity in all its forms: philanthropy, volunteerism and altruism. The Initiative supports, conducts and shares scientific research on the sources, origins and causes of generosity, the manifestations and expressions of generosity, and the consequences of generosity for both donors and recipients.

The Spirituality & Practice E-Newsletter by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat has an excellent set of inspirational quotes from religious teachers about the spiritual practice of generosity and its profound spiritual effects.

Give with an open loving heart and I guarantee you will become freer, lighter, and happier along with a multitude of untold rewards. As you act selflessly and joyfully so too you will come to understand the biggest hurdle: how to be more generous and compassionate with yourself.

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