The Power of The Collective

The projects demonstrate the strength of collective voices in deciding the future of neighborhoods, cities, nations, and societies, and the importance of intimate conversations and compassionate listening.

Astria Suparak

Transformazium's Installation

Transformazium's Installation

You have until December 17th to experience The 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at The CMU Miller Gallery featuring five thoughtful and well-executed group projects on current urban topics that force the viewer to assess the many factors that affect our environment, our society and our desire and ability to change.

As you enter the gallery, Temporary Services offers a “Self-Reliance Library,” of recently published and out-of-print reference materials (like The Whole Earth Catalog) that the artists hope will suggest imaginative directions for a range of creative practices. To demonstrate that idea they have juxtaposed the library with expertly executed “Personal Plastic” banners made of recycled plastic bags that feature quotes from books in the library.

Global Cities, Model Worlds,” exposes the realities of urban development in two specific massive events, an Olympic Games and a World’s Fair. The host cities seek to transform themselves through redevelopment projects that end with significant displacement and reinforce many existing inequalities. The exhibit documents how these events leaves devastating footprints on the land and great deficits in national budgets.

temporaryservices banners

temporaryservices banners

Inspired by writer Virginia Woolf, subRosa’s “Feminist Matter(s): Propositions and Undoings” is a series of small kitchen tables and chairs with teacup settings that offer the viewer a place for intimate conversation about the possible affects of feminism on the scientific world. They also included a well-crafted paper quilt of book covers by feminists addressing the issues of science, gender and the physical body.

Justseeds is a decentralized network of 26 artists committed to making work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. For this exhibit they built a brilliantly installed landscape of handmade billboards that advocate for a variety of issues such as borderless nations, indigenous sovereignty, and immigrant rights.

The most local of all of the installations is that of Transformazium using bricks from a condemned building they deconstructed near their home in North Braddock, PA. Using the bricks as a screen, they include an excellent video on their process as compared to that of UPMC who recently destroyed their hospital in the same neighborhood. To experience the transformation of waste to a useable resource, gallery visitors have the opportunity to clean bricks and at 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 16th the public is invited to North Braddock for a tour of the actual building deconstruction.

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