Non-Violent Confessions

Kadishman's SacrificeMothers

Kadishman's SacrificeMothers

One of my many Jewish pet peeves is observing people beat their chests during The Al Chet on Yom Kippur and as if once weren’t bad enough, we do it nine times. Why? What does hitting say about our acceptance of physical action as the expression of our weakness and our shame? Isn’t there a gentle way to support a healing process as we ask for conscious and unconscious forgiveness?

Here are some contemporary liturgical confession alternates to consider:

In “For the Sin of Destroying God’s Creation” Rabbi Daniel Nevins creates an environmentally sensitive version of the Al-Chet.

Michael Lerner from Tikkun Magazine attempts to link liturgy to the real world action and reaction with this Modern Sins Al Chet.

In “Al Chet: Sins in the Marketplace” Meir Tamari explores the confessional specifically as it relates to the business world.

Here is a Parent’s Al Chet, a Forward-Thinking Al Chet, and a Personal Al Chet.

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