It’s All in the Process

quilt process

quilt process

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.

Julia Cameron

These days I’m writer as much as I am a fiber artist. I write the blog BubbeWisdom three times a week. I work on this Container Blog, and I’m creating a novel. No matter which product I’m engaged with my efforts flower when I flow with and through my creative process.

Every act is a creative expression of the desire to know and to be known.

The creative process informs the spirit.

Clinging to traditional belief systems limits possibilities.

Leave common assumptions and past practices to enter the realm of limitless possibility.

Self-organization to allow for big vision that generates greater options.

Intent is the energy-well for change.

Insight into new ideas allows for the emergence of creative evolution.

Being organic is the dynamic flow that empowers process.

Love of purpose leads to discovery of the authentic self.

Do the work and stay on the path.

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