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House for Sale

House for Sale

We had a long eventful weekend as we drove through the record-breaking snowstorm to see my daughter, Sarah, perform in HOUSE FOR SALE at The Mason Gross Performing Arts Center at Rutgers University.

I am thrilled to say it was worth every bit of the agony to witness the outstanding performance by an ensemble cast all playing Jonathan Franzen as he struggles with the responsibility of closing up his childhood home after the death of his mother.

I have to admit I’m not a fan of Franzen’s work whose sarcastic limited view of humanity is depressing and disheartening but this essay works. The topic of losing your parents and reliving childhood as you disperse all of their possessions is easy to relate to at every level. There are the photos, the tchotchkes, the house, the obligations, and the memories all layered onto of the continuing story of current life.

This theatrical presentation is phenomenal. We observe the countless situations and feelings of the Jonathans as they reflect on everything from funerals to Disney World in the attempt to resolve the complications required when forced to let go of childhood.

The costumes, staging, direction and acting are as professional as anything I’ve seen not to mention the thrill of seeing one’s own daughter as the alter ego of the noteworthy Jonathan Franzen.

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  1. Eli Eli says:

    Sounds like a great play. I wish I could have come see it.

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