Yogi’s Choice for 11/11/11



This Friday, November 11, 2011, three 11s will align for the first time in a century. What does it mean?

Could it be about people’s fear of coincidences surrounding the number as portrayed in the new horror film, 11/11/11?

Could it be auspicious as a favorite winning number in gambling?

Is it the sign of some major shift in consciousness and broad humanistic awaking that will cause thousands to gather for 11/11/11 ceremonies around the world?

Is it the cosmic birth date as we cross through a portal opening into the Aquarian Age?

Is 11 the sound current of Infinity that can heal us if we chant for 11 minutes at 11:00 on 11-11-11?

Is it the best opportunity to envision the destiny of life achievement for the next 29 years, as they are set in the Akashic Records?

Is it an apophenia where we attempt to find meaning and patterns in the data we collect when none exists?

Is it a memorial for the 1918 Armistice signed at the 11th hour, of the 11th day in the 11th month to end World War I?

I choose corduroy

I chose corduroy

Is it the date that most resembles the lines of corduroy fabric and therefore worthy of Corduroy Appreciation Day and the Annual Grand 111111 Meeting hosted by the Corduroy Appreciation Club?

Your Thoughts...

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