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On sight I was immediately drawn in to this colorful photo of a place called Kolkata. It was the lead photo on Filthy Gorgeous by Alex Vadukul in the travel section of Today’s Times Magazine. Where is Kolkata?

Going further down the page brought me to this delightful video of father and son, Max and Alex Vadukul, discussing their trip to Culcutta.

For the father it was photo shoot, for the son it was to write this travel piece and for both it was to share a legacy.

It’s a treat to witness the superimposed vision, sound, texture, food, family, culture, heritage and adventure stacked one upon the other and tied together with a big bow of father and son bonding. See for yourself:

Two Weeks in Kolkata

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  1. Sarah says:

    What an interesting and endearing relationship to witness. Next time the NYTimes sends a duo to Calcutta, it should totally be you and me.

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