Taking On The Yoke Of Heaven

From The Instruction Manual For Receiving God by Jason Shulman

One Among Many

One Among Many

When you are limitless, your breathing is the breathing of the world. Your thoughts are the world thinking. Your feelings, the world feelings. These activities are not personally owned.

From the point of view of the unhealed personality or ego-that fragmented part of ourselves that does not see the big view-we all need to be constrained in some way. We need laws, inner and outer, to help us do the right thing.

As we heal by accepting all that we are, our behavior will less often be dictated by unconscious internal pressures. Then, outer structure and inner intention will become the same. This is called “taking on the yoke of heaven.” It is not a matter of applying more constraint or inhibition. Instead, our natural actions will increasingly become of one piece with what the world and we need.

When the inner and the outer are no longer in conflict, our actions become less self-centered. This allows our interior emotional and mental structures to take in more an more of the reality of other people and the world, and we achieve the long big view.

You can experience that this today: All day long, whenever you have a decision to make, say to yourself, What would I do if I were completely openhearted and in love with God?

Then, do it.

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  1. Phyllis Berkovitz says:

    Let us remember this, and Do this! Openhearted and in love with God

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