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Author with Exhibition

Author with Exhibition

While the South Side Library is closed for renovation, I have adopted the Hill District Library as my neighborhood library. With the beautiful weather last week, I trekked up the hill/mountain to retrieve my books. Wouldn’t you know it, the biggest, heaviest, oversized 12X12 art book Wisdom greeted me.

Sweating and breathless, I sat down to peruse the contents to determine if the book was worth carting back down the hill. Beginning with a striking close-up picture of Clint Eastwood on the cover and then leafing through to see 48 equally outstanding portraits of our best and brightest seniors gave me no choice but to schlep the volume back down the hill to enjoy in the comfort of my home.

Wisdom Book Back Cover

Wisdom Book Back Cover

It was worth it! What a beautiful, engaging book published by ABRAMS, the preeminent publisher of high quality art books. What I loved almost more than the book itself was the 60-minute video that came tucked in the back. I was sure Nelson Mandela, Mary Quant and Robert Redford were giving their profound, honest, and truly revealing wisdom specifically to me!

The artist, Andrew Zuckerman, captured the voices, physical presence, and written words of more than fifty of the world’s most prominent elders from writers to artists, politicians to musicians, and religious to business leaders, all over sixty-five years old. You will recognize all of them and be inspired by what they reveal.

You have to see it to be it.

Billie Jean King

Music transcends all barriers.

Ravi Shankar

Risk it, Go for it. Life always gives you another chance.

Mary Quant

Be honest. Be present. Where ever you are be there.

Willie Nelson

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