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My addiction to vanilla icing comes directly from my mother. She never went past Prantl’s, Kaufman’s or any bakery without stopping for a Petit Four or cream filled French Horn. To this day, there is nothing better to my tastes than the butter cream icing on a birthday cake. My Mom and I are not alone. Look at this blog that asks Anyone else addicted to frosting? Mmm, sugar.

With that kind of addiction, we must all feel a twinge of sadness that Hostess, the company that makes the cream-filled sponge cakes, Twinkies, has filed for bankruptcy.

The Continental Baking Company created Twinkies in 1930. Originally it had banana crème filling but during WWII a shortage of bananas forced a switch to vanilla crème.

In the 50s Hostess sponsored the Howdy Doody Show making The Twinkie a must have snack for growing boys and girls.

The snack made headlines in 1979, when Dan White, on trial for shooting San Francisco mayor George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk, claimed that his consumption of junk foods such as Twinkies left him with diminished capacity for reason. They called it the Twinkie Defense.

President Bill Clinton included Twinkies in his American Millennium Time Capsule and until today Hostess produced 500 million Twinkies each year.

From Twinkie Deconstructed by Steve Ettlinger:

Pick up a package. The appealing little finger cake just begs to be eaten. It is an appetizing size. Droplets of lush moisture cling teasingly to the inside of the perfectly clear wrapper. Rip it open, feel the softness. Take a bite, not a nibble, and you’ll be hit, all at once, with sweetness, stickiness, and a rapidly dissolving texture.

Then comes a second hit of sweetness. Explore the filling with your tongue. Notice the synergy of flavors that build—butter, egg, vanilla, then the creamy finish that lingers, sticky, sweet, and thick. Appreciate the contrast and interplay between the smooth, cool filling and the delicate cake.

Eat enough of ‘em, and you’ll be able to suss out the bouquet of fresh, Delaware polysorbate 60, and good Georgian cellulose gum; a hint of prime Oklahoman calcium sulfate, or that fine, Midwestern soybean shortening, if not the finest high fructose corn syrup Nebraska has to offer.

I guess we shouldn’t be so sorry to see Twinkies go.

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