Downton Abbey Spoilers

Sunday nights won’t be the same without Downton Abbey. Last night’s episode is available on-line until March 6th.

To understand what makes Downton tick; listen to its creator, Julian Fellowes. He is clearly an expert on British class society. He spent his early life as a mid-level character actor and then in 2002 won an Academy Award for his first produced screenplay, “Gosford Park”, also a worthy endeavor.

Everything about Downton Abbey is top-notch authenticity. The magnificent sets, gorgeous costumes, and forceful acting create a titillating complexity of time, people, and culture we long to understand.

Throughout Season 2’s World War I and the Spanish flu backdrop, we struggled with how Mary and Matthew would end up together. The Ouija board in the kitchen gives a hint while the rest of the clan is fox trotting and drinking in the ballroom and then it happens with a magical winter wonderland proposal. They are together at last!

For my money, the most enduring character last night was wonderful selfless Daisy who through her sacrifice to William and now the inherited loving guidance of a parent finally gets a glimmer of her value and begins to accept herself.

How will Bates’ trial be turned around? Have we seen the last of Ethel and her baby? Have Sybil and Branson adjusted to their plebeian life away from Downton? Will it be all hugs and kisses here on out for Matthew and Mary? What happens when Shirley MacLaine joins forces (or not) with Maggie Smith? And what is Daisy’s true destiny? We shall have to wait and see.

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