Oprah’s Jewish Aha Moment

Oprah never ceases to amaze. After years of broadcasting, she decided to find out what it means to be a religious Jew. She began with a visit to the Ginsberg family in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn where she learned why women wear wigs, why couples don’t touch each other for two weeks a every month and experienced gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, and potato kugel.

And Oprah didn’t stop there. She went to Crown Heights to meet the Abrahamsons, a black Hasidic family to find out what it’s like to be in the minority within a minority.

And Oprah didn’t stop there, having a heart-to-heart talk with Shterna, Toby, Chaya and Brocha, who have 32 children between them, about everything related to the role of women in Hasidic Judaism.

And Oprah didn’t stop there. She took a tour of the most elaborate mikvah available to understand the Jewish laws of purity.

But the Jews didn’t stop Oprah because they had no idea who she was and who knows maybe she’ll be the next to convert.

Oprah’s Next Chapter: Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn has segments on-line and airs on the OWN channel Sunday nights.

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