Women’s Herstory


During Women’s History Month, we reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments of women and honor their role in shaping the course of our Nation’s history. Today, women have reached heights their mothers and grandmothers might only have imagined. Women now comprise nearly half of our workforce and the majority of students in our colleges and universities. They scale the skies as astronauts, expand our economy as entrepreneurs and business leaders, and serve our country at the highest levels of government and our Armed Forces. In honor of the pioneering women who came before us, and in recognition of those who will come after us, this month, we recommit to erasing the remaining inequities facing women in our day.

The theme of 2012 Women’s History Month is Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment to honor the valiant struggle by many tenacious women in America to gain the right to equal education for females and the equal opportunity to learn.

The equal opportunity to learn, Title IX of the Education Codes of the Higher Education Act Amendments was passed in 1972 and enacted in 1977. It prohibits gender discrimination by federally funded institutions and was the primary tool for women’s fuller participation in all aspects of education from scholarships, to facilities, to classes formerly closed to women.

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