Community Quilting

In the Studio

Working in the Studio

The sisterhood of a local congregation, Tree of Life Or L’Simcha, enlisted my help to create a quilt for the entrance of their building.

We began with a first meeting where everyone brought meaningful pieces of cloth and I presented a PowerPoint talk giving an overview of quilts made with meaning and memory and a variety of the possible designs that would work with their materials.

A planning committee met with me to decide on the size and the pattern. We agreed on 25 diagonally set 14″blocks with 12 triangles and four corners to finish the edges making a finished quilt that is 80″ square.

Pin Up Board

Pin Up Board-Quilt in Process

This past Sunday, eight members of the sisterhood came to the studio and had a great time producing the blocks.

I put everything together and here is our finished quilt:

Tree of Life Or L'Simcha Quilt

Tree of Life Or L'Simcha Quilt

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