Jupiter + Venus = Love, Beauty, Compassion



This is the week to be inspired by the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, as they pair in the western night sky.

Venus-Jupiter conjunctions occur roughly every 13 months and this Thursday will be the best and brightest until March 22, 2036 when the conjunction will be similar: Venus passing 4 degrees north of Jupiter.

At mid-northern latitudes like ours, Venus and Jupiter should glisten brightly over the western horizon for about four hours after sunset.

From Sandra Helton, PhD, Shirley MacLaine’s astrologist:

Mars trine Pluto at 8:34 PM steps up the pace with positive enthusiasm and very proactive energy to make it through to just about anything you want to achieve. A key word is achievement. It is a great time to follow through and strive toward an important goal. Conviction is powerful as is taking the initiative.

The Moon square the Sun at 9:26 PM is the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius that gives you an opportunity to roll things over to your liking where something is out of kilter or in need of refining. It is a time to settle and work with give-and-take so that everything functions better.

This is a pivotal day for making the effort to go in a better and positive direction.

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