Saks closing

Saks closing

Saks Fifth Avenue’s Downtown Pittsburgh store will close this week after 60 years in business. I like many of us will miss this store.

I remember being a child and going with my mother to the private elevator at the side of Gimbels to get to the 6th floor Saks.

I spent my sophomore year as the best saleswoman of the Saks Fifth Avenue College Board.

In the past whenever I needed something specific I made a bee line straight to Saks: a fur lined raincoat, a down jacket, dresses for the girls, a specific pair of shoes, leather gloves, Calvin Klein pjs, and even my wedding dress.

It really makes me sad.

SAKS College Board '69

SAKS College Board '69

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  1. Eli Eli says:

    I love the old photo of you. Very beautiful. But I have no idea what it means to be on the Saks Fifth Avenue College Board?

  2. louise says:

    In those days, young co-eds bought a wardrobe to take to college. The department stores hired college students, calling them the “College Board” to sell the clothing. It was a prestigious job. They gave us a very stylish outfit we had to wear every day.

    We had a chart of our daily sales. The highest seller, me, got to come back and work again at the following Christmas. I worked hard because I wanted to be the one asked back!

    In those days, SAKS, was a little boutique-like store on part of one floor of a now defunct department store, Gimbels, right beside the Duquesne Club on 6th Ave.

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