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Maya's 4th birthday - Bubbe and Hailey

Maya's 4th birthday - Bubbe and Hailey

As I have reported many times before, I have lots and lots of t-shirt remnants and my daughter, Sarah and I are developing products to sell when she graduates from school this spring.

My latest idea is to sell large squares of knit fabric to replace tissue- kind of like a hankie but way more. I got the idea from taking care of my granddaughter Hailey. The last time I was with her, she had a runny nose. I decided to keep one of her little wash cloths in my pocket for her nose. It worked great- soft, reusable and durable.

This weekend, I made 100 of these for Sarah to sell. Here they are:



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  1. Eli Eli says:

    You know I love this idea. Very similar to my portable, reusable napkin thing, although I don’t think Sarah was as excited about it. But Hailey needs one right now (as do pretty much all the kids in her class), so how do I get one? I also think it would be nice if you had a nicer picture of them. Now they look like a box full of fabric rather than an actual product. Maybe have a few spread out in a fan sort of thing?

  2. louise says:

    They are very plain, not much to look at- a simple hemmed piece of fabric.

    I knew you would be our first customer, although Dana beat you to it. You can select your own when you come.

    You are going to absolutely flip over our next product- a reusable take-out bag with containers. Never again will you have to use Styrofoam containers at a restaurant!

  3. Sarah says:

    I LOVE that picture of you and Hailey.

  4. Sarah says:

    I can be in charge of display and putting the items together. ONly soft ones!

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