When Bad Things Happen

The … theological conclusion I came to is that God could have been all-powerful at the beginning, but he chose to designate two areas of life off-limits to his power. God would not arbitrarily interfere with laws of nature. And God would not take away our freedom to choose between good and evil.

Rabbi Harold Kushner

When something bad happens, it’s easy to react with anger and self-blame; to feel victimized, slip into depression, lose hope and even consider giving up.

As hopeless as it may feel, there are practical solutions:

Accept that normal rules don’t apply for the time being and make temporary adjustments that will help you function. Focus on the essential must-do-to-survive tasks and cut back on everything else.

Get lots of rest. Nourish your body and pace yourself. Talk, journal, and exercise.

Realize, you are not alone. Ask for help. Delegate work to your co-workers and tap your family and friends for assistance.

Objectify the situation and remove the feelings. Focus on actions that empower. No matter what, you always have a choice in your own behavior.

Offer tangible expressions of gratitude and thanks.

Identify the lesson learned and commit to positive changes going forward.

With life on life’s terms, bad and good things will continue to happen. Enjoy the ride.

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