To Understand The Child, Look To The Parent

I swore I wasn’t going to watch “America’s Got Talent” because of their new judge, Howard Stern, an obnoxious sexist no-talent talk host. But, I succumbed last night and was amused when ten minutes into the show Howard pulled his dad from the audience to give a losing contestant advice about the need to earn an honest living with a real job. Seeing his Dad helped me understand Howard.

Watching “Johnny Carson: King of Late Night,” on American Masters, I saw an enigmatic loner, the product of a withholding mother who deflated her son consistently, despite his success. The result was an intensely private distant father and unfaithful husband.

Carson was successful because he understood the essential skill of being able to sit back and listen in addition to being quick-witted, handsome, risqué without being raunchy and having impeccable timing.

In the Howard Stern lineage, there’s a lot to learn.

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