Autobiography of a Quilt #5- Ukrainian Ann

George- detail

George- detail

Allow me to introduce you to Ann G. She lived all of her adult life in a house in Greenfield, married to George raising one son, Alex.

First Quilt- for her adult son’s birthday made of all of his Boy Scout uniforms including the scarves and the patches

Second commission- bed quilt of her wedding dress and table linens with a hint of her favorite plant in the form of a purchased green ivy printed fabric

Third commission- double size memorial quilt of all of George’s clothing

Ethnic Ann

Ethnic Ann

Fourth commission- table cover/ throw of Ann’s collection of hand embroidered traditional Ukrainian hand-embroidered decorative towels called Rushnyks

Last year she moved to West Virginia to be near her son. I was unable to discard the very few remnants of her hand stitched Rushnyks and used the remaining bits in my quilt (you can see one piece on the lower left corner of my quilt). Be well, Ann!

On The Bed

On The Bed

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  1. Sarah says:

    They are all beautiful

  2. Phyllis says:

    your quilts evoke strong loving emotions

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