The Technology of Art

LED Tank Top from MIT

LED Tank Top

There is an exciting movement afloat applying technology to all aspects of art and craft, making computer applications accessible to diverse atypical populations like you and me.

Today is the last day for EYEO FESTIVAL 2012 in Minneapolis. You can watch the live stream or check out their artist gallery or follow their tweets to get a glimpse at how artists and designers are bending technology to produce new exciting art.

Nathalie Miebach

Nathalie Miebach

Check out a couple of my favorites:
Kate Hartman and her wearable electronics
Nils Völker with his light drawing with robots
Nathalie Miebach’s sound sculptures based on changing weather patterns

Want to tackle it yourself but not sure where to start? Try The Tinkering Studio in San Francisco or the High-Low Tech Group at MIT. Both centers engage diverse audiences in hands-on investigation to design and build their own integrated technological materials and processes that intersect computers, physical materials, traditional craft process, and design. Fun, Fun, Fun!

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