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Me and My Computer+

Me and My Computer+

This weekend Steve and I purchased an iPad. It will somehow complement our one MacBook Air, two iPhones and two desktop iMacs although I will have to get back to you on how when I better understand its ins and outs.

It was comforting to note that I’m pretty much up to speed with David Pogue, the technology expert from the NYTimes and his yearly list of high-tech purchases.

I heard someone say “facebook friends are those you went to school with but twitter connections are people you wish you had gone to school with.” My twitter account was hacked motivating me to revamp my use of twitter and start following a larger number of more technologically, literary and politically involved people. It’s new and interesting and I was quite honored to begin following Naomi Wolf and have her reciprocate to follow me back.

If you have a smart phone- be sure to download Flipboard. It is a social-network aggregate that puts all of your accounts into one application. I love it.

And in closing, try my new favorite website and app: LongReads– the highest quality reading from a variety of literary sources.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    You are the teck wizard

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