Autobiography of a Quilt #6- Collaboration=Fabric

deez nites

deez nites

Gotlieb's Mom

Gotlieb's Mom in my quilt

Leslie Golomb and I have been collaborating since 1993. For each project, we agree on the concept, Leslie prints fabric and I do the construction.

We did among others, a series on Biblical Women, two pieces that were part of Quilt National, two Judaic pieces that were part of competitions at the Spertus Museum in Chicago, and our most successful exhibition: deez nites be all the same to me.

A couple of the choice remnants made it into this quilt.

And Hannah Prayed

And Hannah Prayed

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  1. Phyllis says:

    Love all of them! Saw “deez nites” among others of that project. That project should be up permanently!

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