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proton-proton collision

proton-proton collision

Physicists have finally discovered the God Particle, Higgs Boson, which proves how matter achieves mass to form the universe. The atom has a nucleus made up of protons and neutrons. Inside protons the force of bosons holds the particles of quarks and leptons together.

Over 10,000 scientists from 100 countries collaborated to build the massive Hadron Collider in Geneva, which is 500 feet underground with a circumference of 17 miles. The LHC was put into operation in 2008, and on July 4th they found proof that Higgs Boson, titled, The God particle, does exist.

The Higgs was first proposed in the 1960s by Peter Higgs to explain why some particles like quarks and electrons have mass, while others do not. Higgs’s idea was that the universe is bathed in an invisible field, now known as the Higgs field, similar to a magnetic field, that gives the particle a higher mass. Without the Higgs field, there would be no chemical bonds and no world order. This is big news. It reinforces the standard model of physics to explain how the universe works.

Thank Our Creator for Higgs Boson that keeps our universe glued together so that you and I can use our brief time on earth to give matter its meaning.

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