Olympics 2012

Allen Johnson in Vanity Fair

Allen Johnson in Vanity Fair

Some interesting slants:

A Vanity Fair portfolio of the human body: Olympiad XXVIII: A Special Portfolio of 55 Athletes

The rise of the female Arab athlete: Brigitte and Marian Lacombe and her sister, Marian spent a year photographing more than 50 women from 20 Arab countries.

How are they handling all of the waste: Sustainability and ecology at Olympic Park

Nisrine Dandan Basketball Lebanon

Nisrine Dandan Basketball Lebanon

After traveling nearly 8,000 miles, the Olympic Torch is welcomed to Buckingham Palace by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and passed between Wai-Ming Lee and John Hulse who carried it on to Hyde Park where an estimated 80,000 crowd witnessed Tyler Rix light a huge cauldron to mark the start of a special concert to celebrate the torch’s arrival.

Take a virtual tour of the Olympic Park

Follow the Olympic rings displayed around UK

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