It’s Never As Easy As It Looks

You are well aware that there are no limits to how I will help my daughter, Sarah, settle into her new post-MFA life. With a tiny Brooklyn apartment, she requested a day-time cover to convert her bed to sofa during the day.

White denim obtained through three trips to the Salvation Army Wednesday half-price days:

To eliminate the pants-look, remove all pockets, seams and waists:

To create an interesting texture of unraveled edges, add strips of leftovers:

Keep adding to the construction to make it big enough to completely cover the sofa:

Complete the project by adding pillow shams to cover the bed pillows and day pillows for comfortable seating:

One Thought

  1. Annie says:

    Good choice of fabric and color. I like white on white… on white. Like our huppah.

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