The Dark Side of Cloud

This will be the first year my FiberArts class at Carlow is totally paperless. That means everything- evaluations will be submitted online through Blackboard; patterns will be taken from fiber sites like LionBrand; and journals will take the form of Pinterest Boards.

It takes faith to release all of your information to “The Cloud”. Look at what happened to the very computer savvy Wired writer, Mat Honan, who had all of his information hacked and now calls her twitter account “Probably Mat Honan”.

I have taken the time to read lots of articles about how to protect my information, the basics of which is to use multiple levels of protection wherever they exist, to not store credit card numbers on a website and to us different ids for the variety of online accounts.

In our changing lives, computing has raised the risks and the stakes but it also makes teaching a lot more interactive and fun, so I’m going to go with the paperless and pray.

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