Bullies Never Win

Most commentaries of Wednesday night’s presidential debate seem to thing Romney won but I’m here to say that in the long run, he will lose. He was obnoxious, aggressive, and dishonest. He distorted his own record, acting like a fraudulent salesman trying to give us what he thinks we want to hear. We really have no idea what this man believes and what he will actually do if elected. Romney does not consider, has ever considered, or will ever consider us, the forty seven percent of the electorate.

On the other side, Obama was dignified and strong on presidential demeanor. He has behind him a record of steady improvement for the last 32 months and I loved his line about having the ability to say no to congress. Unfortunately, in this format, he was thinking too much about his beliefs, being preoccupied with getting things right.

Jim Lehrer was a disappointing moderator and his format simply didn’t work except for one thing: It gave Romney lots of rope to hang himself during the town hall meeting and the debate on foreign affairs.

This is a clear case of the winner losing and the loser winning. My money stays on Obama.

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