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It all started with this Citizens Of Humanity Corduroy Vest that I found on Pinterest. It sells for $385 as an on-line exclusive from Anthropologie:

I am a sucker for anything corduroy and I have a black fleece vest that I have been ready to replace. Inspired by the look, I began a quest for materials. In the end, I bought a man’s corduroy long-sleeved shirt and a pull-over red fleece at the Salvation Army family day– half price sale for $10.99.

I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo of them before I began but I removed the sleeves on both, and the zipper from the front of the fleece and used them plus two extra zippers I had on hand to make three zippered pockets- two for the outside front and one for the inside.

Inside Pocket

Next I used the body of the fleece to line the inside of the jacket and I used my label to cover the one dirt spot on the already installed pocket that wouldn’t come out:


4 Thoughts

  1. Phyllis says:

    great vest thanks for the photo

  2. Eli Eli says:

    I think you are starting to like making clothes, huh?

    • louise says:

      I make the process sound easier than it is.

      In the end, I am rarely happy with the finished product when it is clothing because of the fit and it takes way more effort than it is worth.

      Still, it is in my nature to keep trying!

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