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Asa’s Potatoes

Last night Steve and I hosted the conversation in our loft entitled: Do What You Can. Ginger Brooks Takahashi organized the event along with ├ůsa Sonjasdotter and Emma Hedditch to explore the aesthetic, social, and economic implications of growing food.

I am easily overwhelmed by something fairly straight forward like which vegetables to buy in the organic variety, but that is a simple issue compared to the hierarchy of knowledge and power related to responsible urban food production.

The discussion included the use of plants in relationship to identification, sustenance, culture, history, diversity, neighborhoods, knowledge, ideology, control, abandonment, ownership, healing, ecology, remediation, and pleasure.

Some exciting local projects for you to explore:

The Pittsburgh Seed and Story Library

Grow Pittsburgh

South Side Community Garden at Bandi Shaum Field

The GardenLab@510 Sampsonia Way

General Sisters

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