A Person Of Interest

You know me as Louise Silk, blogger at Bubbe Wisdom, but to my camp pal, Elizabeth Swados, I am Weezie Shapiro trusted blood sister and friend.

This is generously declared by Liz on page 135 of her book, Waiting, where she does a fabulous job deconstructing the overnight camping experience where we met and bonded.

The Deer Run chapter is one in a series of Liz’s insightful autobiographical pieces, the most moving of which is the story of her brother, Lincoln, whom she idolized.

I only met Lincoln one time, at a camp visitor’s day. As it happens, I have one on my mother’s home movies from that day, where you can see Lincoln and his parents along with a little performance Liz and I did for the camp.

Look here to see other examples of Liz’s work and for sure check out Waiting.

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