Dependency- Ugh!

I couldn’t begin to imagine the pain and inconvenience of the thousands left powerless after Superstorm Sandy until I got a tiny taste with a Wi-Fi outage at our loft last week.

I had to admit that the list of things I do on my computer has grown in leaps and bonds: this blog, my teaching, communication with my family and friends, e-mails, address book, file sharing, bill paying, news, reading material and shopping.

I ended up carrying my portable computer with me taking advantage of pockets of time and free Wi-Fi to keep connected and functioning.

I was so frustrated by the experience that I began to wonder if I might be the product of an Internet addiction disorder? Do I want to or is it even possible to disconnect from a virtual life? What is the difference between dependency and control of/with the Internet? What is the state of a modern functional connected life?

For now, we will use the fundamental power of consumption and switch our provider.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    This is a big one!! We are in the transitional state of internet functions and controls to “mind’ functions and controls. Test yourself periodically by “being in the moment” All this might take decades or “a moment”

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