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Every Monday morning I take a 2-3 mile walk. I can’t say that I look forward to it, in fact, I’m most often a little reluctant, but I know it’s good for me and I always feel better after I’ve done it.

Rainbow Body

I appreciate how fortunate I am to be mobile watching the movie called Sessions, based on the life of, Mark O’Brien, a man stricken by polio at the age of five, who spent the rest of his life lying on a gurney breathing with the support of an iron lung. Mark lived a rich live as a write, poet, friend, and lover.

In the early fifties, before Jonas Salk developed the vaccine to combat polio, everybody knew someone stricken by polio. My husband Steve had an Aunt Ruthie who did remarkable things like travel independently on a train to see theater in NYC. I had Charles, the oldest son of my mother’s good friend. In the family baseball games of our youth, he and I played as one: he yielded the bat and I ran the bases. He went on to be a very successful disabilities lawyer.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is the goal to attain a Rainbow Body where the physical body transforms into the pure spiritual body of pure love or compassion. Mark, Ruthie, and Charles are the American essence of the Rainbow Body, forging the path beyond physical limitations. Yasher koach.

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  1. phyllis says:

    Very inspiring!

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