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Jean Patchwork

I experienced deep pangs of envy when I read the article in the paper about how local companies like American Eagle, Dick’s, and IKEA are collecting used items for re-purposing. I don’t have too much use for used furniture or winter coats but jeans- that’s another story.

My daughter, Sarah, is here with me this week, developing a line of products to sell in NYC where she resides. So far, we are simply making use of our personal discards but if we have any success, we will need a source of more worn-out jeans. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but the ones that cut up the best have rips, tears, worn edges, stains and paint, as you can see in this wine tote I am selling on ETSY.

If you missed the last jean collection at American Eagle and are looking for a reuse outlet for old jeans, consider us!

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