Jews are obligated to give 10% of net income after taxes and like most Americans, its a year-end tradition to make our charitable contributions this month.

Seeing this list in the Forward of the most highly paid Jewish executives or this list in the Charity Navigator of CEOs who run organizations that devote less than 60% of their budgets to their services makes me want to put my money in a more grassroots lower-budget organizations like this interesting Social Impact 100 Index developed by The Social Impact Exchange.

I haven’t made my final selections yet, but I can say, for sure, that it will be an informed decision that is not pressured by continual communication or false emotional appeals. I want to know that my 10% is going to make a significant difference.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    I totally agree! I do want my contributions to make a difference. I also want to support certain causes and research. I must do my own research to see where I want to contribute.

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