Times change, generations pass on and attitudes evolve. The Second Amendment is out of date. In this time, in this day, no American has a right to bare arms. It is ridiculous for firearms to share the protected position on par with our freedom of speech and religion. The Founding Fathers (and where were the mothers?) could never have envisioned the destructive power of modern guns.

We have changed and re-interpreted the Constitution before and we can do it again. Marksmen and hunters, like other sports enthusiasts, do not need constitutional protection to practice their sport. Stop the charade and forget the quixotic crusades, noble intentions, and overblown political rhetoric. Create a system of laws that effectively monitors the right to own and operate a gun. Make most guns illegal by banning the sale, distribution, and ownership of handguns and assault weapons.

Need a model? Look at the history of auto safety beginning in 1966, with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, creating our nation’s first mandatory federal safety standards for motor vehicles. The results include required seat belts, air bags, child seats and crash safety standards, limited licenses for young drivers, and revoked licenses for DUIs, reducing America‚Äôs traffic fatality rate per mile driven by nearly 90 percent since the 1950s.

Times change. Our Constitution was meant to change right along with it.

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  1. Jim says:

    Let’s pray for a miracle. Maybe your words will get to our national leaders and we’ll soon see changes in our gun laws.

  2. Phyllis says:

    It is time!!! No one needs assault weapons!!!! It Is time!!!

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