Resolve To Be The New Green


At the introductory session at the Rochester Zen Center, the Roshi begins by showing all of the items that claim to be Zen that aren’t. It’s the same when it comes to being green. Greenwashing is a form of marketing that falsely boosts a product’s public image by exaggerating its environmental benefit. Fluffy language, suggestive pictures, and green packaging on a non-green large-footprint product all contribute.

Don’t be fooled. Be informed, support products with measurable efforts, and commit to more green actions that will save money, cut the carbon footprint, decrease the waste stream, and improve the quality of the earth.

Trade in bottled water for an at-home filtering pitcher and a reusable bottle.

Carrying your own brews Fair Trade coffee in a reusable insulated travel mug.

Get the chemicals out of your cosmetics.

Find the source of the products you want to purchase. Commit to Fair Trade products that allow those across the globe to live in dignity.

Remember your reusable bags not just for groceries but also for all of your shopping.

Cut paper waste with electronic bills and digital subscriptions to your favorite magazines and newspapers. When paper is a necessity, used recycled. A ton of paper made from recycled paper saves up to 17 trees and uses only half the water of paper from virgin pulp.

Cut out paper towels and invest in cotton cloths and fabric napkins and help eliminate the 3,000 tons of paper towels that end up landfills every day.

Remove old cleaning supplies that contain harmful chemicals that contaminate with earth-friendly cleaners.

Walk and bike more, drive less and use more public transportation.

Buy local. Eat less meat. Cook at home and go out less.

Contact your local energy company and switch to renewable options. Eliminate phantom power by unplugging when not in use. Replace your light bulbs.

Reducing water use. Take a shower. Don’t flush unnecessarily. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Line dry clothing.

Recycle and Compost.

Simplify your life. Remove clutter. Be a conscious consumer. Lobby public officials. Voice opinions and be resolved to make a difference.

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  1. Steve Root says:

    I’m in!! Let’s evaluate how we’re doing on each of these “green efforts”.
    Another benefit of this effort is more mindful “conscious living”.

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