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Stage Deli

I was shocked and saddened to learn that the landmark New York Stage Deli closed at the end of past year. I have many memories of introducing it to my children just as my parents had initiated me when I was young. Then again, when was the last time I was at the Stage Deli? When in NYC now, we fore-go the heavy Jewish food for our current food tastes: Indian, Tibetan, or Vegetarian.

Reuben by Andria

Thinking of the deli leads me to my longing for their most renowned sandwich: The Tiger Woods Reuben. There was so much to celebrate: the enormity of the portion, the freshness of the marble rye, the texture of the meat, the warmth of the Swiss cheese, the crunchiness of the sauerkraut, the moist flavor of the Russian dressing all in contrast to a tart pickle.

If I were a meat eater, I would head right to the Smallman Street Deli and try their Reuben but since it’s been many years since I’ve eaten meat, my sandwich of choice on the lunch menu of the DoubleWide is the portabella Reuben. Ymmmm.

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  1. Eli Eli says:

    I remember going there. The sandwiches were excellent, and very large. But it was also the whole theater of the place. So many people, moving fast, talking loudly. And then the time we sat next to James Caan, that was exciting. Good memories. Not sure what the Jewish food memories will be for the next generation…

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