Weaving Is Like Riding A Bike


t-shirt yarn weft

t-shirt yarn weft

I have a beautiful cherry-wood 45″ 4-harness Kyra loom which I bought in 1978 when I moved back to Pittsburgh. I used it until I built a new studio in my house where there was no room. It was relegated to the basement. When I moved to the loft in 2001, I brought it along, hoping something might happen to inspire my weaving. About seven years ago, I determined to do some non-functional weaving and warped it but never went any further.

This year, three things happened. I started having a gnawing desire to weave encouraged by all the great things I saw on Pinterest, a student in my Carlow class did a final project in weaving, and my son sent me a photo of a rag rug he was considering for my granddaughter, Hailey.


I reused the warp already occupying the loom, turned the mass of t-shirt remnants into weft and voila, a rainbow rag rug for Hailey.

Rag Rug For Hailey

Rag Rug For Hailey

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  1. Sarah says:

    It’s beautiful!!

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