Yasher Koah, Barry Lopez

Sliver of Sky

Sliver of Sky

In this recent interview for Fresh Air on NPR, Barry Lopez who is a well-known writer discusses the most painful time in his childhood when he was the victim of a sexual predator. He exposes the predatory behavior profile, his mother’s blind eye to the situation and the conspiracy of silence that leads to excruciating shame, humiliation with no means of escape:

This went on for four years, and during those four years I think I went through every scenario I could imagine as a child about how to protect myself, but I never found any path to follow where I knew somebody would intervene and protect me.

I know this: That when I was so compromised as a child that there was no zone of safety for me, no place was safe and especially adults weren’t safe for me.

Yasher koah, Barry Lopez, for your courage articulating the victim’s point of view.

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