The Patchwork

The Patchwork

My friend asked me if I wanted a bunch of his old t-shirts instead of taking them to Good Will.

I wanted to say no- if you remember from my blog last week, I have more t-shirt remnants that I need but I couldn’t turn down the offer and before I knew it, I had possession of his well-worn t-shirt collection.

The first thing I did was cut out the t-shirt backs and pieced them together into the backing for a quilt. To do this, I cut large strips 18 “wide and piece them together to get a backing about 90” square.

Jim's Quilt

A ready and willing quilt backing called out for a quilt top. With lots of sleeves and edges leftover, I went into my scrap bin and brought out all of the tiny pieces left over from my last art quilt and before I knew it, I had blended the sleeves, edges, bits and pieces into a dynamic patchwork top.

This week, the quilt returned from the quilter and found favor in the eyes of my friend. He has proudly taken his transformed t-shirts as the newest adornment for his bed. Pretty cool?

Jim's bed

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