Strike, Dance, Rise, Demand


If I had been in Israel on Monday, I would have definitely been among the several hundred women participating in the Rosh Hodesh prayer service at the Western Wall. After the service, police detained ten women because they wore traditional black and white stripped tallitot, which they suspected was an infringement of a 2003 Supreme Court ruling to uphold cultural traditions at The Wall.

However, I was in Pittsburgh yesterday where I did attend one of the over 200 events around the world for ONE BILLION RISING encouraging women to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND the end of violence and gender inequality worldwide. From the comfort station to the protest poster scarves, it was clear that when women are truly equal this world will be a more humane loving place for all forms of expression.

billion rising pgh

Let’s raise our hearts and our hands to that.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sisterhood is powerful!

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