Good Bye Matthew

Matthew and Mary

I can guarantee that the structure of the show is the same. It’s these 20 to 25 really beloved characters with their intertwined stories and a mixture of drama, comedy and warm romance. And I can tell you that, so far, the early scripts for the new season are as brilliant as they’ve always been.
Gareth Neame for Season Four of Downton Abbey

It was too good to be true- A male heir is born; Lord Grantham realizes his need to change Downton for it to thrive; Branson accepts his upper-class role; Lady Edith decides to be happy no matter what; Thomas and James become friends; Bates and Anna are happy; and Mrs. Patmore doesn’t loss herself and get married.

Still, I was quite annoyed to learn that Matthew’s fate is tied to the fact that the actor, Dan Stevens, did not sign a contract for the fourth season they have started to film.

Maybe it’s for the best. There was nothing new in the story line for Mathew and his death will make for a more interesting situation for Lady Mary.

The ending was shocking, but really isn’t that what good drama is about?

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  1. Steve says:

    Good thing it’s not a real life story. But a loss nevertheless.

    You quickly moved through the stages of grief. Well done and at the same time you may be experiencing some grief bursts.

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