Another Year, Another Haggadah


Why is our family seder different from the one we had last year? Because each year we write our own haggadah based on a theme relevant to the day. In 2010 our theme was renewal and the year before that freedom. For 2011, when my daughter had cancer, we used resilience and in 2012, when she was in recovery, it was transformation.

I am thinking gratitude for this year but will consider any suggestions. The great thing about the Passover seder is how it lends itself to adaptation.

If you have children at your table consider Uncle Eli’s, the Santa Cruz Haggadah or this one that guarantees you will be eating in thirty minutes or go paperless and show this video by The Maccabeats.


If you already have a traditional haggadah that could use a little update, try putting the cup of Miriam beside the cup of Elijah or adding an orange to your seder plate.

If I’ve gotten you excited about the idea of creating your own haggadah try this web site for some interesting ideas.

Chag Sameach

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