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Looking for something new and interesting? Consider my latest project, Tent of Protection. It is a fictional story inspired by my study of Rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto to whom I fashioned a life for his wife. The story follows Rachel as she works along side of her husband, using needlework as her consolation.

The other main character in “Tent of Protection” is Leah, inspired by the life and death of a personal friend of mine. In her part of the story, Leah uses the discovery of cancer to unleash her creative expression as a quilt maker.

The story alternates between the two main characters, both accomplished needle workers facing life threatening conditions, who discover first comfort, second purpose, and finally a means of spiritual awakening through their fiber experiences.

Some review comments:

Louise Silk writes a beautiful, simply told story that has a religious backdrop dotted with Hebrew references (The author provides a helpful glossary.) and a satisfying ending.

This book addresses very important questions about the meaning of our lives and what sustains us through difficult times and life challenges. I found that message enriching, hopeful and inspiring.

I just finished reading Tent of Protection, Louise Silk’s lovely tribute to the spiritual lives of Hasidic women and the threads of their connections to one another across time and space, across generations, across national borders and cultural differences. Both women give and receive deeply meaningful support from their work with fabric and the women who share their struggles. Both use the challenges of their lives to connect and create meaning and joy for themselves and their communities.

Upon finishing Tent of Protection, I entered my craft room inspired to put aside those projects that were weighing me down and embark on a new adventure. Louise Silk weaves a beautiful story linking our past with the present, reminding the reader time is indeed a precious commodity.

Tent of Protection Cover

Some questions for you and your group as you read Tent of Protection:

How are Rachel and Leah similar? How are they different? How are they connected to each other? What characteristics help them survive?

How does each sustain her faith? How parts do things like superstition, ritual, prayer and meditation play? What role does community play in their lives?

What is it about the nature of a crisis that helps bring us to our deeper selves?
If you were faced with a life-threatening situation, what strengths could help you?

Tent of Protection is available on Amazon in either paperback or kindle ebook. It is also available on iTunes.

Thanks to everyone for the support!

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