Tent of Protection Cover

It’s one thing to create; it’s another thing to get the work seen. This is a particularly large challenge when it comes to writing a book. This is the case for me, writing Tent of Protection.

I can’t begin to explain the process: from the development of the idea to explicit rules about eBook acceptance. It has taken what feels like a lifetime and a half, but low and behold, against all odds, I did it. This is the first step.

The second step is to get copies into people’s hands. This may seem easy, but it’s not. You have to seek out people, entice them, find a reason for them to know about the project and what is behind it; making it easy and accessible.

The third step is to get the copies read. This is probably the most frustrating part because this is totally out of your control. And if you are lucky enough to get it read, then to have the reader review it, refer it to others, help the work reach out and touch the community. The process seems endless and overwhelming.

And then, the biggest trick of the whole megillah: to maintain faith in the work; to keep sight of its value, its purpose, and its possibilities.

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