Many times when I write something on this blog in particular, it is more about wanting to have my own record for future reference. This is the case with Natalie Chanin.

I’ve known about Natalie’s designs through my daughter, Sarah, for quite some time. Her company, Alabama Chanin, is inspirational. She uses pure materials, perfect hand stitches and employs local artisans to make products that are of the highest quality. They are very pricey- which gives me hope that there is a market out there for a studio artist with a clear vision.

Desktop of the Month March 2013

I’ve been thinking about a project with the multitude of threads I have accumulated and I got excited when I ran into Natalie’s journal post with this beautiful wrap and then this pattern for coffee cozies of the same spiral stitch.

Because there were no directions on the stitch; Natalie being a great marketer, wants you to buy her book; I had to order the book from the library.

It was a fun read and very informative and with my first opportunity- spirals here I come.

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