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I had a free introduction to personal training yesterday at the LA Fitness. Here is some of what I learned:


Strength training should be 50% of any exercise routine.
Good nutrition and sufficient sleep are equal in importance to exercise.
Right now almost half – 42% of my weight is body fat.
If I do strength training an hour, three times a week, I will expend 3500 calories, which translates to losing one pound a week.
When exercising it is most important is to find and maintain my target heart rate.
It is not possible to spot reduce fat.
The system at Curves is absolutely the worst form of exercise.
If I begin training now, I will see the first results in 6 weeks and will reach my goals in one year.

The bottom line is to commit to a plan that takes into consideration the what, where, why, how and where of my training plan. My sore muscles of today tell me I’m ready to give this Something Plan a go. Anything is possible!

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  1. phyllis says:

    I like the plan

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